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Payments management tools

Get maximum opportunities for traffic management and payments stream configuration. Flexible settings, easy-to-use tools, seamless integration of multiply payment methods in a single interface help to adapt the payment solution to the particular business needs..

  1. Set of API’s

    Use Payneteasy set of API for a different payments types processing: e-commerce, m-commerce, transfers and mPOS & POS payments.

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  2. Customized payment process

    Payment domains, pages and form could be fully customized under the PSP or merchant brand style their requirements

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  3. Global, APM and local payment methods support

    300+ integrations with the mot demanded payment methods: credit cards, e-wallets, global and local APM.

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  4. Multicurrency and conversion

    Provide your clients with an opportunity to accept payments globally no matter what currency a customers want to pay in.

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  5. Recurring payments

    Flexible settings, auto and manual control, an option to choose the acquirer for the recurring payments processing provide regular and predictable payment flow and make recurring payments management simple and efficient.

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  6. Seamless loyalty system

    Useful tools to increase customers loyalty vary from simple discounts to the bonus programs. It is possible to use not only bank card, but all the other payments methods customer uses.

  7. Transaction management

    All the transactions regardless their type and payment method are available for analysis and management in a single interface. Flexible search criteria, filtering and grouping, detailed view for the deeper analysis and other options provide an efficient and comfy work.

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